“It is no surprise that Kevin Dickey is perceived to be a highly successful coach. His success lies in his teaching techniques and his love of the game. I have watched Kevin as he instructs the girls in our Cataraqui Junior Girls Initiative Program. He begins by observing their raw talent and then builds upon this natural athletic ability. This positive approach instills confidence in his students and fosters a confidence to pursue the mastery of skills that will result in ever higher levels of success. Mastery of golf skills, however, he contends, is not enough. The mind and body must remain in rhythm.
Kevin’s pride in his students is evident—from those who have been highly acclaimed to those who simply wish to garner greater enjoyment playing a game they love.
Maybe that is why so many former students return for a chat to draw upon his wisdom and have a skill “check up”.
– Alice Gazeley
Cataraqui Junior Girls Initiative Program

“Kevin Dickey’s Instruction over the years allowed me to perform at the highest NCAA level from 1999-2004. I started working with Kevin in 1993 at t the age of 12 . Working with Kevin shaped my skills and I quickly became a player that was capable of competing at a very high level all across North America.  In 1998 I earned a NCAA Division 1 scholarship at Virginia Commonwealth University, mainly due to Kevin’s skills as an instructor and his motivation for his students to achieve success. Dickey’s non technical and feel like approach assisted in improving my shot making, short game, course management and most importantly scoring, all of which are critical to perform at the highest level.  Working with Kevin will increase your knowledge of your strengths, weaknesses, course conditions, shot selection and provide many different tools which will pay dividends on the course and practice grounds for all types of players.  Whether you are a mid to high range handicapper or someone who is motivated to win golf tournaments, go low, and compete at an NCAA level, Kevin Dickey possesses the skills and will take you to the next level.  It is a pleasure to work with Kevin!!! Something I will cherish forever”
– Jeff Crowe

“To be a great golf instructor requires two main skills, a vast knowledge of all parts of the golf swing and excellent communication skills. Kevin Dickey excels in both of these areas. Taking a lesson from Kevin is a fun, and everlasting experience. Kevin has the unique ability to quickly determine the students’ strengths and works at expanding those strengths to reduce or eliminate weaknesses. Kevin’s teaching methods are to the point and easy to understand for all levels of golfers.

Kevin has a vast array of drills to assist the student in improving their golf swing. In addition, Kevin has the portable equipment to photograph the students’ golf swing and immediately show it at the lesson tee and/or forward it to the student by e mail.

All golfers need to understand their own individual swing parts that require improvement. It is not simply, hit the ball and hope it is a better shot than the previous one. Kevin gives his students the swing parts to work on and how to achieve improvement.

The reason why the majority of golfers do not improve is that they can’t see themselves so they don’t understand what went wrong when they hit poor shots. Tour players use swing coaches to assist them. I believe that all golfers should take a few lessons each season to determine their personal important swing areas to focus on. Golf lessons with Kevin are a good investment towards lower handicaps.

Kevin Dickey is a terrific golf instructor.

– Keith Thomas,
Life Member, Canadian Professional Golfers Association.

There are so many choices for young women to make when it comes to choosing a sport. This is exactly the incentive behind the relatively new program offered at the Cataraqui Golf & Country Club.

Teaching Pro Kevin Dickey and Alice Gazeley, representing the Golf Association of Ontario Kingston District, were keen to invite young women to try golf. The answer was the Cataraqui Junior Girls Initiative, a program designed to help young ladies get started in golf in a low pressure enjoyable environment. This highly successful Initiative, begun as a pilot in 2006, continues to have the full support of the Board of Directors at Cataraqui.

This Limited Membership program offers a packed agenda, including private clinics and participation in weekly junior clinics offered at the Club. In addition to instruction all summer long, the players participate in a mentorship program offering limited play.

The results have been amazing! The Junior Girls Initiative has been shown to be a rewarding success for both the participants and the Club. Several proficient golfers have emerged and flourished with the benefit of intensive instruction in an encouraging environment.  Hannah Hellyer, Christina Thorne, Allison, Brooke Bangma and eight-year-old Kiley Rodrigues are certainly ones to watch. All five of these junior girls have participated in the ground breaking project and are rising stars on the local golf scene. In response to the success of the program, a talented group of young women have now signed on as full members of the Cataraqui Golf & Country Club.

Great way to introduce young ladies 6-15 to golf !!!

– Sheila HOWE